A working smoke detector is a must for camper-trailers

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The Victoria Day weekend usually kicks off the summer season for many at conservation areas and campgrounds around the area. Members of the Brooke-Alvinston Fire Department were out at the A.W. Campbell Conservation area Saturday morning talking to campers about the importance of keeping their smoke detectors in working order.

The firefighters were getting a good response from those at the conservation area, as they went from trailer to trailer knocking on doors and informing campers on the simple thing that can save lives in the case of a fire. She said in most cases, campers were asking for new batteries for their smoke detectors.

The Brooke-Alvinston Fire Department dealt with one fire in the last year, which involved a camping trailer. In that case it was during the winter and there was no power to the structure at the time.

Every type of camper, trailer, cottage, recreational vehicle and boat with a living, cooking or sleeping quarters requires a working smoke alarm on every storey and outside all sleeping areas.

All of these dwellings can also be at risk of exposure to carbon monoxide so there must be at least one carbon monoxide alarm too. Wood stoves, wood and gas fireplaces, boat motors, portable generators and propane stoves are the source of carbon monoxide.

Blake Ellis, The Independent

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