The workout videos that helped a woman lose 87 pounds: 'I completely forgot I was doing cardio'

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Trinity Wills is 18, 5’5” tall, and currently weighs 151 pounds. In 2016, she was finally inspired to change her lifestyle after an embarrassing moment at an amusement park. This is her weight-loss story.

“My weight has been a struggle my entire life.” (Photo: Courtesy of Trinity Wills)

The Turning Point

My weight has been a struggle my entire life. Growing up, I was always big for my age, and I would put on at least 14 pounds each year. I even remember my height and weight being measured at school and my mum being advised that I should attend a local course for weight loss. I’ve always tried dieting, even from a young age, I also remember always struggling to buy clothes that fit. I had to visit so many different shops just to find shirts and skirts that fit me for my school uniform. As you can imagine, that made me feel terrible, especially because I was so young.

Throughout my teens I felt awful about my size and appearance. Anytime I lost weight, I ended up gaining it all back again plus more. My self-esteem plummeted the older I got. My insecurities made me socially awkward, I couldn’t hold a conversation, and on the rare occasion I got in a photo, I stood a noticeably awkward distance away from everyone else.

The months prior to prom, I had to go through the battle of finding a dress that would fit. I felt massive, embarrassed, abnormal, and disgusting, and I knew that on the day of my prom I was going to feel even worse. I was right. Before I’d even gotten to prom, I’d already cried and was desperate not to go. A night that was supposed to be perfect, beautiful, and one of the best experiences of my life turned out to be one of the worst ordeals I’ll ever have to face. I felt so ashamed and like everyone was staring and judging me. I was isolated and alone feeling trapped and limited by my own body, but I hadn’t yet reached my low point.

My lowest point came a few days later during a class trip to a theme park. I got on a ride with my friends, and when the harnesses came down, mine wouldn’t fit. They said that I might have to be moved if it didn’t fasten. The shame that hit me was immense. I was 16 years of age and the problem of my size had just become truly, publicly apparent. I no longer felt like a person, just a substantial blob. Fortunately, with some hefty pushing, the harness fastened but the embarrassment stayed with me. I was 16 years old and 238 pounds. I’d gained weight even more quickly than I had the previous years. Not being able to fit into a ride should not be a problem for a healthy 16-year-old. Not being able to feel comfortable in your own skin should not be a problem for anyone. I had to make a change.

“I felt massive, embarrassed, abnormal, and disgusting.” (Photo: Courtesy of Trinity Wills)

The Changes

I had tried to lose weight so many times before that I knew traditional exercises like running, pushups, and situps just did not work for me. I didn’t enjoy doing them so I knew I wouldn’t stick to them. The thought of going to a gym was horrifying because I couldn’t stand people looking at me. My only solution was to find something that I knew I could see myself doing daily in the comfort of my own home. I found the answer that has honestly changed my life forever: dance. I used a program called Cize, and I was so focused on mastering the moves I completely forgot I was doing cardio.

I felt so low and was desperate to start my weight-loss journey. As soon as I received my copy of Cize, I did the first workout three times in the first day because I was so excited to make a change. The next day I woke up and I was sore. My muscles ached everywhere, but I loved being able to feel that I was making a change, it made me push on and continue.

In terms of diet, portion control was my main enemy. I never seemed to be full and I could seemingly eat forever. In general, I just cut out all junk food and ate clean. No fancy diets, no cutting out food groups such as carbs. I didn’t want to deprive my body because I’d only end up caving into my cravings and ending up back at square 1. I just simply lowered my calorie intake by eating cleaner. I chose healthier snacks like fruit over a chocolate bar. It wasn’t easy, but I couldn’t bear to feel how I felt any longer.


“I loved being able to feel that I was making a change.” (Photo: Courtesy of Trinity Wills)

The After

I cannot describe the feeling of seeing the physical changes. Seeing the scale finally move in the opposite direction was phenomenal. Even the first few pounds made me feel fantastic, I was ready to fight to change my life. I danced every day and could feel my body getting stronger each week. I could do things I couldn’t do the week before and I was lighter on my feet. The weight that held me down was slowly melting away. I could feel myself getting healthier.

Not only am I now healthier physically, but mentally too. I spent so much time truly despising myself and feeling down, but there was no need. I am still the same girl and always will be — I just needed to show myself some care. There are simple things most people take for granted that I can now finally do. For instance, I can go outside without feeling ashamed and judged; I can actually bring myself to fight the social anxiety and go into a clothing shop and also be comfortable knowing they’ll have my size. I can do something as simple as sit with my legs crossed — my legs used to be too big to do so. I can get up off the floor without having terrible pains in my knees. The list of benefits I have experienced from weight loss is endless and when people say that weight loss has changed their life it isn’t an exaggeration. Thinking back to how I used to be has actually brought me to tears. I can’t believe something as common as being overweight brought me so much sadness. I’m so appreciative every single day for my happiness.

There are so many odd things I’ve noticed about losing a lot of weight. Obviously I’ve always been bigger so it’s all new to me. For one, I don’t know how everyone handles having so many bones! I saw my collarbones for the first time, hit my hip for the first time, and most shocking of all, actually saw that I have ribs. It’s probably something people don’t even think about, but for a big girl like me, it took some getting used to. Another surprise of weight loss is that I never realized how much the extra weight kept me warm in the winter. I was always the girl that never seemed to be affected by the cold weather, but I can certainly feel it now. I’ve lost over 84 pounds, six dress sizes, and am also two shoe sizes smaller. Who would have thought you can get smaller feet?

“There are so many odd things I’ve noticed about losing a lot of weight.” (Photo: Courtesy of Trinity Wills)

The Maintenance

I’m still exercising each day, but now that I’m able to actually move my body I’ve decided to try more traditional exercises like walking, running, and using a home workout program. I still love to dance. My diet is still the same, I eat clean, I don’t deprive myself. I’ve learned not to hate my body, I need to be kind to it and nourish it so I try to only eat good things. But of course, I allow myself a treat sometimes.

I continue to keep myself accountable by exercising every day, even if it is just a walk. I make sure not to let my big-girl appetite take over by not allowing myself to binge on junk food. Overall, I just do stuff that makes me feel good. Exercising keeps me feeling healthy, strong, and in control of my weight and knowing I’m only consuming good things takes away the guilt and fear of going backwards in my journey.

Remembering where I started is what makes me keep going. I was in a dark place and never ever want to go back there. I’ve dug myself out of the dark and it’s been a tough journey so I’m too afraid to let myself slip back. I will continue to work hard every day to be a happier version of myself. Another big inspiration of mine is being able to help others. Before my journey, I used to look at other people’s journeys and want to achieve what they had. I now get people asking me for advice and that is honestly amazing. If I can help even one person feel the change I have, that would be astounding.

Trinity says she still struggles with food temptation. (Photo: Courtesy of Trinity Wills)

The Struggles

One thing I still struggle with is temptation. I still have a big appetite so sometimes I’d love to devour a burger or chocolate fudge cake. In those moments I have to stop and think. I remember how far I’ve come and how far I want to go and decide that I don’t need to give in because it’s not worth it. I want to feel good, so I put goodness in my body.


My biggest advice is that losing weight doesn’t happen overnight. If you truly want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to learn to treat your body with care. You need to make small changes, ones that you will definitely be able to stick to daily. Small things make a big difference and are a lot easier to maintain than crazy diets. If you care for your body, you will see the results you want. Put good in and you will get good out.

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