World Cup 2022: Saudi Arabia defeats Argentina in stunning upset

Yahoo Finance Live anchors discuss the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Video Transcript

JULIE HYMAN: And we are watching the World Cup. Yesterday Team USA had its first group stage match versus Wales, tied 1-1. Earlier today, we saw a massive upset, one of the biggest ever as Saudi Arabia took down Argentina, one of the favorites. That was the biggest upset, by the way, from a gambling perspective since 2006. And Lionel Messi, who is probably not one of the most famous, if not the most famous, football, soccer players, of course, on that Argentina team.


JULIE HYMAN: You guys watching?

BRIAN SOZZI: No, I didn't watch it. I didn't see-- I haven't seen any of the games.

BRAD SMITH: I watched the US game yesterday. And it was-- there was a questionable call that actually led to tying up the game, where I don't know. I just don't think there should have been a penalty kick to come out of that.

BRIAN SOZZI: So all I can say is, it's on the Yahoo TVs here. I'm going to try to catch it today.

JULIE HYMAN: I mean, it's amazing to me the drama around this World Cup, right? The controversy over Qatar hosting the World Cup, then the decision by the nation at the last minute to pull beer sales, right? And then now you have the drama on the pitch in terms of Saudi Arabia. I mean, like, who is betting on Saudi Arabia that cashed out in that upset? You saw the odds. We put them up on the screen. The payout--


--from that is--

BRIAN SOZZI: And I was not betting, coming into the show, how many sports references I would get from you, Julie Hyman. Very impressive. This is very impressive.

JULIE HYMAN: You know, I know you guys think I'm, like-- know nothing about sports.

BRIAN SOZZI: I never said that.

JULIE HYMAN: It's actually not true.

BRIAN SOZZI: OK. It's amazing.