The World, luxury condo cruise ship, visits P.E.I.

One of the three ships in the Charlottetown Harbour Monday was a floating luxury condo building called The World.

This is the second time since it was built 13 years ago that The World — with 165 individual homes on board — has anchored on P.E.I.

It's one stop on the ship's around-the-globe itinerary.

While some residents spend their entire year on the ship, most, like Norwegian Wibecke Nagell-Erichsen, hop on board for three or four months a year.

"I have a business, I have family, I have a home also in Oslo. But you can come and go as you please," said Nagell-Erichsen, who was one of the ship's original investors.

"It's beautiful, less stress, and you don't have the problem with big airports as much as you do if you travel otherwise."

A committee of residents decide where they want to travel.

And Charlottetown's Port Authority is thrilled they added Charlottetown to the list.

"With a ship like this, it's great to have them coming because, obviously, they're well-travelled and hopefully they can sample our destination and it will give them cause to want to return again," said Corryn Morrissey, the port's business development manager.

Nagell-Erichsen says many of the residents like her are enthusiastic cyclists and they plan to spend a big part of their two days on a bike tour before they head off to Halifax, Boston and New York.

The smallest, least expensive condos run at least $1 million. Owners also pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual fees.