World's simplest feeder attracts truly beautiful bird

Orioles are one of the most vividly coloured birds in North America. Their brilliant orange colour and black markings make them a breath taking sight for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. Each year, in the spring, orioles return to Canada and they seek food such as brightly coloured fruit to eat. This bird lover has found that a simple orange, sliced in half and stuck on a branch attracts these gorgeous creatures. With a few extra orange halves, the back yard is often filled with a dozen or more orioles coming to drink the juice and munch on the pulp. There is no simpler bird feeder than this! These birds also love berries, mango, and even grape jelly. They have been known to eat other fruits as well. Interestingly, they use a unique method of feeding, known as "gaping". Instead of eating by closing their beaks, they poke their beak into the fruit and open it to spread the fruit and create a gaping hole that fills with juice. They then drink the juice that enters the divot.