'This wouldn't have happened' with more air defense systems, Zelenskyy says as Chernihiv death toll up to 18

Consequences of Russian missile strike on Chernihiv on April 17
Consequences of Russian missile strike on Chernihiv on April 17

At least 18 civilians, including four children, were killed in Russia's April 17 missile strike on Chernihiv, the State Emergency Service reported on April 18.

Three residents were rescued from the rubble, while 58 people received psychological assistance from the State Emergency Service.

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Rescue teams have cleared 71% of the collapsed building. Emergency rescue efforts continue.

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Reports yesterday said that 17 people were killed in the Russian terrorist attack.

Russian missile Strike on Chernihiv on April 17

Explosions rocked Chernihiv on April 17 during an air raid alert.

Russia launched three Iskander missiles at civilian and social infrastructure in the city. 

An eight-story social infrastructure building suffered a direct hit, causing significant damage to at least six floors, Chernihiv's acting mayor, Oleksandr Lomako, reported.

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"This wouldn't have happened if Ukraine had received sufficient air defense systems and if the world's resolve to counter Russian terror had been adequate," Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated, commenting on the Chernihiv strike.

Ukrainian Air Force also cited a lack of air defense systems as the reason behind the strike on Chernihiv.

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