X-rated XR developed for post-pandemic intimacy

Over the past year, social distancing restrictions have forced most aspects of life online.

Work, school, concerts, dating – and even sex.

Angelina Aleksandrovich and her team of artists and engineers at Raspberry Dream Labs expect cybersex is here to stay - even in a post-pandemic world.

So, they’ve been experimenting with some X-rated XR – otherwise known as multi-sensory extended reality.

‘’So the whole field of cyber sex was actually booming even before we were able to get into the virtual reality the way we did today and in fact people are having more or less complete experiences even today by using social platforms in virtual reality and connecting their devices to social platforms and getting creative and playful’’

"I have to be very honest, a lot of people were looking at virtual reality as something that only gamers are doing and interested in. But nowadays there are so many applications that became mainstream of virtual reality including intimacy and dating."

Their prototype features a virtual reality headset and a collar worn around the user’s neck.

Haptic stimulators are strategically positioned over erogenous zones - something that could eventually be incorporated into soft robotic 'underwearables'.

"I'm blushing. Yeah, interesting."

Aleksandrovich argues that technology - a crucial part of modern life - shouldn’t be excluded from the bedroom.

"But in sex, really, there is not that much innovation that is happening but sex is a very important part of our daily life, as much as finance, as much as wellness and any other aspect really. So, yes the sex-tech industry is growing quite a lot in the past few years and I'm really glad to see that a lot of people are actually treating it with such importance as all other aspects of our life. And we are happy to contribute to the evolution of technology within sex as well and expand our sexual experiences further."

A report by U.S. market research firm Arizton said the global market for sexual wellness products is expected to be valued at around $39 billion by 2024.

Aleksandrovich’s next step is to build a digital platform for people to get together and experience cyber intimacy, before developing any wearables for commercial release.