Adidas and Microsoft team up for special 20th anniversary Xbox sneakers

·Contributing Writer
·1 min read

Microsoft and Adidas have teamed up to celebrate Xbox's 20th anniversary with the first official Xbox sneakers. The Xbox 20th Forum Tech sneakers take inspiration from the original 2001 console. The green and black footwear even has the original Xbox logo. Keeping in with the vibe of that era, the fun launch trailer has a skate tape aesthetic and features some friends playing some Halo: Combat Evolved.

Xbox's announcement suggests these are limited-edition sneakers it's giving away to fans. There are more Xbox sneakers on the way in the coming months, including ones you can actually buy and pairs inspired by current and previous consoles. Here's hoping Adidas goes a bit wild and makes sneakers based on Kinect too. Meanwhile, Microsoft is set to release another quirky Xbox product later this year: a mini fridge.

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