Xi Jinping rejects blame for Beijing's alliance with Russia

Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping

Chinese leader Xi Jinping, on a two-day visit to France, spoke out against criticism of Beijing for its close relationship with Russia during the war against Ukraine, The New York Times reported on May 6.

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"We oppose the crisis being used to cast responsibility on a third country, sully its image, and incite a new Cold War," Jinping said.

Jinping defended China's role, saying it was "not at the origin of this crisis, nor a party to it, nor a participant."

This bristling remark was aimed at the United States, which believes that China, aside from buying enormous amounts of Russian oil and gas, continues to aid Moscow's war in Ukraine by providing satellite imagery to Russian forces along with jet fighter parts, microchips, and other dual-use equipment, The NYT said.

China’s position on the Russia-Ukraine war

The Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry released a “peace plan” in February 2023 to resolve the war against Ukraine. It consists of 12 points, including a ceasefire, resumption of peace talks, cessation of “unilateral sanctions” against Russia, operation of the Black Sea grain corridor, nuclear safety, and renunciation of nuclear weapons.

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China’s special envoy on Eurasian affairs, Li Hui, stated on March 2, following talks with a representative of Russia, that the war against Ukraine must be ”resolved through negotiations.”

China is ready to act as a mediator to “facilitate peaceful negotiations” between Russia, Ukraine, and other parties for the “political settlement of the war,” the Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry said.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin and Li Hui stated on March 3 that war resolution in Ukraine is impossible without considering Russian interests.

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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on March 7 that his country is prepared to work on creating new impetus for cooperation and strengthening friendship with Russia.

Blinken arrived in Shanghai on a three-day visit to China from April 24 to 26 to pressure China to stop its companies from contributing to the development of Russia's defense industry.

Jinping expressed the desire on May 5 to cooperate with French President Emmanuel Macron and the international community to end the war in Ukraine, calling it a “crisis resolution.”

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