Yahoo adds levels and ratings for Fantasy Basketball players

With the NBA All-Star break over and fans ready for hoops to return on Thursday, it seemed like the perfect time to announce that Yahoo Sports has launched levels and ratings for our Fantasy Basketball players.

What does that mean for you? Well, if you’ve ever wondered how you stack up against the competition, not just by crowning a champion in your league each season, but across the entire fantasy hoops landscape, Yahoo has made it possible to know. Simply stated, your level and rating measures your performance in Fantasy Basketball.

What is a Rating?

  • Your rating is a numeric score set in a range from 0 – 1,000, where 1,000 is the highest rating and 0 is the lowest.
  • The data used to calculate your rating cover your gameplay on Yahoo Fantasy from 2009 onwards and are weighted most heavily for this season.

What is my Rating based on?

  • How often you win your matchups. The more you win, the higher your rating. The more you lose, the lower your rating.
  • The level of your competition. Beating amore highly-rated player will boost your rating more than beating a lower-rated player. Conversely, losing to a lower-rated player will drop your rating more than losing to a more highly-rated player.
  • How well you have played most recently. Your performance from last season and this season will have a significantly higher impact on your rating than prior seasons.
  • And, within limits, the number of leagues you play in also impacts your rating. If you are successful in more matchups (i.e. you play in more leagues and win more often) the more your rating will increase.

A couple of important notes: Rating is not a lifetime measurement. It is a measurement of your performance in the current and most recent previous seasons. Your rating will update one time per week and you should see it update every Monday.

What are Levels?

  • Ratings are broken into five levels grouped by ratings and percentiles. The table below lists our levels from highest to lowest:
Your rating measures your performance in Fantasy Basketball.
  • At the end of each season since 2009, Yahoo stores your final rating and level for that season.
  • Best Finish shows the highest level you have achieved playing Yahoo Fantasy Basketball.
  • For example, if you have finished at a gold level two times, we will display Gold (x2).

For a point of reference, Yahoo Fantasy analyst Dalton Del Don currently has a rating of Platinum for the basketball season and has finished at that level twice.

Other Data

In addition to the level and rating, we will share other information about your game play in Yahoo Fantasy Basketball, such as the year you started playing on Yahoo, how many teams you’ve managed since 2009 and your record for every matchup during that period.

We’re also tracking of your hardware, by adding up all of the first, second and third place trophies you’ve won since 2009. We’ll also call out your first-place finishes.

Fantasy rating and level will show on the “My Team” page for all Head-to-Head Leagues, while the matchup comparison will only show on the “Matchup tab” for Head-to-Head Points Leagues.

Where Can I See Ratings and Levels?

On mobile, you can see Ratings and Levels on your Match-up screen. Just tap on “Managers Comparison” above Lineups.

On desktop, you can see Ratings and Levels on both the match-up page and your team page.

  • Click on the “Vs.” icon on the match-up page to see you and your opponents’ Rating and Level
  • You will see your Rating and Level on the Team page to the right of your team name

This is a new feature and we’re excited about it. Please share your feedback and read through our help article if you have any questions.