Buzziest Canadian winner: Christine Sinclair

We’re still stumped how women’s athletics dominated so much of the Canadian discussion in 2012, but we’re definitely happy it happened. And one of the names on everyone’s lips was Christine Sinclair.

In perhaps the finest hour – or 90 minutes – by a Canadian athlete in 2012, Sinclair added to her status as one of the greats in women's soccer with three goals in her team's eventual gut-wrenching loss to the Americans in the Olympic semi-finals.
She was the country's flag bearer in the closing ceremony at the London Summer Games. (The women’s soccer story was also your pick for Buzziest Story).
Sinclair's skill and emotion rallied the country in a truly Olympian effort and elevated her to the role of national hero. For some Canadians, there's little Sinclair can't do:
"My choice for Canada's Buzziest Canadian is Christine Sinclair. I suggest that our government form a small panel of like-minded Canadians. Christine, as chosen by the people, should be chairperson for two years. I think that the panel, chosen for this honour, should meet quarterly. Their discussions, ideas and recommendations be handed personally to the Minister of Finance of Canada be seriously reviewed and recorded, to be read in the House of Commons."

Well, that’s one idea.