Buzziest video winner: Karen Klein, the bullied bus monitor


Bus monitor Karen Klein talks about being bullied by a group of students in an incident captured in a video that went viral on YouTube

The video of bus monitor Karen Klein being bullied last spring made news for all the wrong reasons. But once it went viral, the tide shifted quickly and one of many instances that helped to bring the issue of bullying once again in the spotlight.

Toronto’s own Max Sidorov created a fundraising page on crowdsourced funding site IndieGoGo to raise $5,000 to send Klein on a "nice vacation" as a way to reward her for her hard work with the school district in the face of abuse.

Sidorov’s fundraiser took off, and in the end Klein got over $700,000 – enough for more than a vacation.

Klein eventually launched an anti-bullying foundation, and Sidorov’s fundraiser propelled bullying to the top of the news agenda. He was on hand to present the cheque to Klein in September.