Canada's Media Mogul winner: Don Cherry

Maybe it's hockey withdrawal from the NHL lockout, but readers sure are fond of Don Cherry. He takes the honour of becoming the first Yahoo! Canada Media Mogul.

Whether he's engaged in a verbal sparring match with Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke, defending the league's tough guys, praising Canadian soldiers, or reminding viewers that he picked the LA Kings to win the Stanley Cup, Don Cherry continues to find Canadians fans in the coach's corner.
To be sure, Cherry is a polarizing personality. Not everyone was on board with this pick, as some readers were vocal against Cherry when casting their ballot in favour for other nominees.

"Don Cherry knows hockey when he coached YEARS ago. His outspoken comments on Hockey Night in Canada should be reason enough to fire him and give Ron MacLean total control over that segment of the show - if we ever get it back this year.”
“My vote is for Jian Ghomeshi. He is the most talented interviewer just about anywhere...and I am so over Don Cherry."