Canada's next Prime Minister winner: Justin Trudeau

The nominations for this award were announced before Justin Trudeau launched his bid for leadership of the federal Liberal party, but that announcement propelled the political scion to the top of the results.

If charisma and bloodlines (and Yahoo! Canada readers’ influence) mean anything, Trudeau could sweep to power as Canada's next PM.
But it wasn’t always a given he would follow his father’s footsteps in public life. He initially spurned calls to get involved in politics. But once he declared his interest, the story began to write itself.
He’s represented Papineau, QC, as an elected Member of Parliament since 2008. Only 40 years old, the pundits and voters have been willing Trudeau to run in the upcoming party leadership race, for which his intentions he finally declared this fall. And now he’s the choice of Yahoo! Canada readers to become the next leader of the country.