Greatest Achievement winner: Melissa Morris

Melissa Morris weighed 673 pounds, then she decided enough was enough.

The most popular award this year went to a woman who exhibited an incredible amount of self-will.
Once the world's heaviest woman, a 673-pound Melissa Morris decided she had enough and would lose the weight or die trying.
At her heaviest Melissa Morris weighed 673 pounds and seemed destined to live as an invalid, cared for by her doting husband. But miraculously, within four years of her peak weight, Morris would shed 400 pounds.

Morris thanked Yahoo! Canada readers for their support.

"Thank you everyone for the comments the good and the bad. I am still with my husband we are working on everything and I am 6 months pregnant with my second child and I go to the gym everyday because I am thankful for the gift I was given and will not waste it! YES I still work for Dr.Nowzaradan and LOVE my job!!! Melissa"

"My vote is for Melissa ... hands down the greatest achievement of all people this year!!!!" - Pat