Simple Plan talks about winning a Yahoo! Canada Award

One of the biggest surprises of the Yahoo! Canada Awards was the win by Montreal rockers Simple Plan in our Canadian Impact category. The band didn't win for its music though; it took the honours for its charitable work.

Since launching the Simple Plan Foundation in 2005, the band  has raised over $1 million for young people in situations of depression and poverty, and suffering from life-threatening illness and the effects of war.

The band's fans got the vote out, and the final polling wasn't close, with Simple Plan taking over 56% per cent of the overall vote, beating out  such luminaries a Mark Carney and tennis star Milos Raonic.

Sébastien Lefebvre and Chuck Comeau sat down with our own Patricia J to discuss the foundation, the band's new book, and the honour of winning a Yahoo! Canada Award.

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