Award winners!

About the Yahoo Canada Awards

Canadians may have a reputation for being nice, but that doesn't mean we don't have opinions. We've learned being brought up in Hockey Nation - the gloves come off when it's time to throw down… Yahoo Canada is inviting you to voice your opinion on some of this year's hot topics with the inaugural Yahoo Canada Awards!

We're celebrating shining achievements and calling out the biggest blunders; bringing you a roster of Award Categories featuring a wide-ranging list of nominees that made jaws drop, raised eyebrows and sparked conversation this year. As you explore the site and dive into the nearly two-dozen topics, you'll find profiles of fascinating people, places and things that earned top spot in the noteworthy headline hierarchy. Some you'll know intimately, and others you'll be glad we told you about. These nominees may enrage you, remind you why you're proud to be Canadian or simply have you rolling your eyes. Exercise your right to vote and help choose the first-ever winners of the Yahoo Canada Awards!

Voting will be open throughout October with Winners announced November 8th and 9th. You can vote once a day per category. So if you're torn between two or three, don't fret! Just come back tomorrow and vote again!

We're also offering the opportunity to make this all about YOU! Enter our "If I Were Prime Minister…" Contest on the Yahoo Canada Facebook Page and share your ideas for making Canada a better place. Win awesome prizes along with bragging rights as one of the First Ever Winners of a Yahoo Canada Award!