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    Lauren Odes

    The shapely 29-year-old was working at a lingerie wholesaler for a matter of days when she says she was fired because her bosses thought she was too “busty” and her clothes too revealing. Odes sued the company for gender and religious discrimination. Stories like this -- when they do happen -- make headlines. And with 152,084 page views for our Shine Canada story, they also seem designed to prompt a backlash of “she’s not that hot” comments, as was the case with Odes – and something the Atlantic Wire saw as a result of problematic coverage in the media. Whether or not the courts see the merit in Odes “too hot for work” case remains to be seen.

  • Big Buzz Celebrity 2

    W. Brett Wilson, Diamond Jubliee Medal honouree

    Never one to shy away from the spotlight, W.Brett Wilson is our big buzz celeb nominee for receiving the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012. Wilson was among 60 Canadians to receive the honour, which celebrated his many contributions as an entrepreneur, community leader and mentor in the business community. The Calgary banker and philanthropist is probably best known for his three seasons on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, which was followed by his own entrepreneurial-themed reality show for the Slice Network called Risky Business. His most recent headline-grabbing endeavour: Wilson and a group of investors have taken control of Viewtrak Technologies, an Edmonton-based livestock software company. Not quite as sexy as Dragon’s Den, but still gets you in the papers.

  • Big Buzz Celebrity 3

    David Beckham

    His best football days are behind him but David Beckham continues to garner headlines that put him at the top of the trending titans list. Becks continues to matter, whether it’s appearing on a red carpet with wife Victoria, helping the Los Angeles Galaxy win its first MLS Cup or being caught in the middle of controversy by not being named to Team Great Britain for the Olympic soccer tournament.

  • Big Buzz Celebrity 4

    Britney Spears

    Saying Britney Spears has gone through a rough period is a bit of an understatement. After that unfortunate (and highly-publicized) breakdown a few years ago, the international pop superstar saw her finances taken over by her dad and her music career take a bit of a tumble. Even now, years later, Brit-Brit’s level of success hasn’t returned to its previous sky-high status. But things may be looking up for the 30-year-old. Not only is she newly engaged to longtime boyfriend Jason Trawick, but Spears is also about to become one of the new judges for Simon Cowell’s talent competition “The X Factor,” which will bring her back into the public eye and, with any luck, back into the public’s good graces. We all saw how Jennifer Lopez’s reputation improved after she joined “American Idol”; it seems very possible that the same thing will happen for Spears with “The X Factor’s” second season. Plus, we have to give Britney props for landing Jason Trawick – after the disaster that was her marriage to Kevin Federline, we never thought she’d bounce back.

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