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    Ford's U.S. comeback

    Back in 2006, things looks pretty dire for the future of automobile manufacturing in North America. Ford, which made its first automobile sale in 1903, was hemorrhaging money, forcing the company to cut its workforce by a third and put its luxury European brands on the market in an attempt to restructure outside of bankruptcy. The pre-emptive strike worked. As of July 2012, Ford posted profit for 11 consecutive quarters and will deliver more than half of its 12,000 new jobs by the end of the year. Troubling economic conditions in Europe continue to drag on the company's overall sales, but it looks like the original Detroit powerhouse is here to stay - albeit a sleeker, leaner version compared to the bloated beast of the past.

  • Big Buzz Comeback 2

    Boy Bands

    Nobody was really all that sad when NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys disbanded in the mid-aughts. OK, maybe a few million teenage girls were upset about it, but really, boy bands had had their time and now we could all take time to recover from the time they spent monopolizing the music charts with their inoffensive, radio-friendly pop hits. (Sure, it wasn't long before Justin Bieber showed up, but at least there's only one of him.) Well, it seems the boy band recession is over, as U.K. groups One Direction and The Wanted have skyrocketed to fame all over the world, seeing a definite resurgence in screaming teenage girls. One Direction, a group that came in third on the U.K. version of "The X Factor," have found popularity with their relatable cuteness, their self-esteem-themed hit "What Makes You Beautiful," and the endearing fact that none of them can dance. The Wanted, meanwhile, are 1D's bad-boy counterparts, appealing to the fans who like their boy bands slightly darker and more tortured. Even music fans who are slightly older than these bands' demographics aren't left out of the boy band comeback, though - the last year saw both New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys come together to form a '90s super boy band referred to as NKTOBSB. Get comfortable, everyone, because it doesn't seem like boy bands are going anywhere anytime soon.

  • Big Buzz Comeback 3

    Conrad Black

    In 2012, former media mogul Conrad Black came back - literally - to Canada after spending 3.5 years in a Florida prison on fraud and obstruction of justice convictions in 2007. Since his return, Lord Black has begun the process of reclaiming his Canadian citizenship - which he renounced in 2001 in order to gain peerage - and has hinted at returning to the media business.

  • Big Buzz Comeback 4

    Sidney Crosby

    Never has a National Hockey League player been filmed so much skating around pylons in a practice jersey. Sidney Crosby is the league's brightest star, however, and his pair of comebacks from post-concussion syndrome was one of the dominant storylines during the 2011-12 season. Of course, hockey fans in Pittsburgh aren't newcomers to seeing their hockey heroes return from long-time absences (see Lemieux, Mario).

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