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  • Big Buzz Story 1

    B.C. chip thieves story goes viral, twice

    The video of a police sergeant describing drunk university students stealing Zellers barbeque-flavoured chips from an open garage in Saanich, B.C. created buzz that just refused to die. After originally making the viral rounds when it first aired in June, the story was picked up in the United States and had a second life north of the border in July as well. Just as tipsy teens can't refuse tasty treats, we can't get enough of a funny story.

  • Big Buzz Story 2

    Time magazine's breast feeding cover story and image

    If you don't know the name Jamie Lynne Grumet, you'll definitely recognize the Time magazine cover that briefly made her the world's most talked-about mom. The cover in question features Grumet, 26, standing in jeans and a tank-top and breastfeeding her three-year-old son, who stands on a chair gazing directly into the camera. Next to the image are the words, "Are you mom enough?"

  • Big Buzz Story 3

    RIM's downward spiral

    If you add up the headlines, no one Canadian company, with the possible exception of Nortel, has garnered more ink, or done so in more stumbling-spectacular fashion, than Research In Motion. The BlackBerry maker's fall from grace was five years in the making - its now-ex-leaders dismissed Apple's iPhone in 2007 as a mere toy, thus kicking off its decline from dominance. But only over the last year did its slide truly hit monumental proportions as its stale product offering and continued delays to its next-generation BlackBerry 10 platform combined to fuel a near-total collapse in market share.

  • Big Buzz Story 4

    Canada's women's soccer team

    With apologies to Rosie MacLennan, our lone gold medalist in London, it was Christine Sinclair and the Canadian women's soccer team shining brightest for our home and native land at the Summer Olympics. Sinclair's three-goal performance in a semi-final loss to the hated rival Americans was one of these Games' finest moments. Captain Canada and Co. overcame the lousy officiating and gut-wrenching loss for a dramatic victory over France in the bronze-medal game.

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