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    Singing bride

    We've seen back flipping best men and shimmying fathers of the bride. But a singing bride? It's about time. Marie Carr, 25, opted out of a bouquet and a traditional 'Here comes the bride' refrain in favor of a Christina Aguilera ballad and a microphone. Now she's the biggest veiled video star. The amateur singer, who's best known for belting it out in showers and cars, serenaded her groom, Devin, with Aguilera's "The Right Man," on her wedding day. The uplifting idea came to her as a result of earlier tragedy. "My dad died in a car wreck when I was 13 so I knew no one would be walking me down the aisle," Marie told Yahoo Shine in a phone interview. "I thought that [Christina Aguilera] song would be perfect because it's about walking by yourself but also walking toward the love of your life." If there's any question whether her performance comes from the heart, consider this: The couple, who met as Miami University students, were wed only months after their first introduction. "We knew we were meant for each other," says Marie.

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    Coach trips teen opponents

    Minor hockey brings out the good, bad and ugly in Canadians. Put Martin Tremblay's action in the ugly department - the coach in a league of 13-year-olds tripped a couple of opposing players in a handshake line after the final game of a spring league in Vancouver. Tremblay appeared to deliberately stick his foot out, sending the two teenagers to the ice. One teen suffered a broken wrist and the coach was later charged with two counts of assault.

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    Dollar Shave Club

    In the YouTube era, every company wants its marketing videos to go viral. Only a few smart - and somewhat lucky - ones manage to pull it off. Count Dollar Shave Club among the very smart and very lucky. Its cheeky, almost-NSFW video for its $1-a-month online mail order razor blade service hit the jackpot - 6 million views and counting - with a deceptively simple combination of humour and honesty. In a post-recession era where consumers are increasingly seeking value, traditional feature-based advertising doesn't punch like it once did. Ever more knowledgeable consumers won't necessarily buy something just because an athlete's been paid a ridiculous amount of money to be a corporate shill. Instead, Dollar Shaving Club's CEO, "Mike", poked holes in every advertising stereotype there is, and in doing so hit the consumer sweet spot with a message that rang true to buyers. How successful was it? Type "shave" into Google and it's near the top of the list. The company didn't have to pay for the privilege, either. No pay-per-click advertising campaign needed: It's all organic, earned popularity thanks to one low-budget video filmed in a warehouse.

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    Bullied bus monitor Karen Klein

    The shocking video of New York kids bullying bus monitor Karen Klein likely represented one of the lowest points in her life. But when the video went viral, piggybacked with a crowdsource funding campaign, it resulted in over $700,000 in donations to the beleaguered 68-year-old grandmother, who promptly used $100,000 of it to start an anti-bullying foundation.

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