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    Michael J Fox

    He’s the inspirational actor who was diagnosed with the debilitating Parkinson’s disease in 1990 when he was just 30 years old, and went public with his condition in 1998. Since then, the 51-year-old has been an advocate of Parkinson’s research and founded The Michael J. Fox Foundation, which works on finding a cure. Despite his disease, Fox, who was born in Edmonton, Alta., has continued to work steadily, appearing on hit TV shows such as “The Good Wife,” “Rescue Me”, “Boston Legal” and “Spin City.” And he’s not slowing down. The “Family Ties” actor is returning to TV with his own NBC series, which will focus on the challenges of being a father of three in New York. The series is loosely based on Fox’s own life. Fox is a true fighter and inspiration to all Canadians.

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    Max Sidorov

    When a video of bullied bus monitor Karen Klein hit the Internet, outrage was swift. The video was posted on Reddit by user named razorsheldon, and quickly garnered outrage against the teens' actions among users. Another Reddit user - Toronto’s own Max Sidorov - created a fundraising page on crowdsourced funding site IndieGoGo to raise $5,000 to send Klein on a "nice vacation" as a way to reward her for her hard work with the school district in the face of abuse. Sidorov’s fundraiser took off, and in the end Klein got over $700,000 – enough for more than a vacation. Klein eventually launched an anti-bullying foundation, and Sidorov’s fundraiser propelled bullying to the top of the news agenda. He was on hand ot present the cheque to Klein in September.

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    Corporate Canada

    There are a lot of reasons to love being Canadian. After a year that saw corporate scandal continue to rock companies and communities across the U.S., Canada’s landscape, in contrast, continued along its milquetoast path. Even the Occupy movement that filled inner-city parks on both sides of the border with 99 percenters protesting the 1 percenters didn’t garner the same level of passion in Canada as it did in the U.S. We weren’t apathetic to the cause: We had jobs to do. We grumble about how our Big Six banks dominate our economy – and the fees they charge us. We complain about the high Canadian dollar’s impact on manufacturing and exports. We bristle at our relatively high tax burden and consumer pricing. But when push comes to shove, our go-slow demeanour seems to have done a decent job protecting us against the kinds of waves now buffeting Europe and threatening to swallow the U.S. It may not be a spectacular existence, but living below the radar has its benefits.

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    Brett Lawrie

    For the first time in franchise history, the Toronto Blue Jays have a Canadian-born player who is appreciated for more than his passport. The hard-nosed, hard-playing British Columbian is on his way to superstar status with Canada’s lone MLB franchise. And, oh yeah, he’s a Twitter star to boot.

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