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  • Biggest Blunder 1

    Forever 21 kneecaps

    Apparently Ann Taylor doesn't have a monopoly on Photoshop failure. Buzzfeed pointed out that Forever 21 doesn't like kneecaps. See the evidence here. We're not sure why anyone would want to erase the evidence that we have joints mid-leg, but the resulting Barbie-like images are just plain awkward. Apparently knee-less-ness isn't attractive to men. Bewildered Guyism's Chris Spags asks if "having legs like a carrot are the hot trend this spring." Jennifer Wright of The Gloss "defends" Forever 21, tongue firmly in cheek: "To be fair, kneecaps are pretty gross. All bumpy. With their... bones. You know who look better? People who have no discernible bones protruding of any kind. So, the people that exist in Forever 21's fevered, photoshop happy imagination. And also your crate of Barbie dolls, who taught you that being pretty means not being able to bend your legs like a human being (also, not having nipples)." While some of us may not like our bony/saggy/achy/whatever knees, we still need them, Forever 21. And we're pretty sure your models have very pretty knees. Please let them be. Isn't it time advertisers start easing up on the Photoshop?

  • Biggest Blunder 2

    Rob Ford

    Since taking office as a Toronto city councillor in 2000, bloopers have followed Rob Ford. Since becoming the city's mayor in 2010, things have gotten even worse. This year the 330-pound Ford undertook a public diet, pledging to lose 50 pounds in five months. He was subsequently recorded on camera going into a KFC for dinner, and lost only 17 pounds - tripping off the scale and twisting his ankle at the final weigh-in.

  • Biggest Blunder 3

    Dylan Donnelly

    Dylan Donnelly's hands of stone weren't only exposed in rinks around the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. The Shawinigan Cataractes' tough guy handed over a damaged Memorial Cup following his moment of celebration with the symbol of Canadian Hockey League supremacy. In belated, ham-fisted fashion, Donnelly eventually apologized for his boneheaded act.

  • Biggest Blunder 4

    Costa Concordia PR nightmare

    The Costa Concordia disaster -- in which a number of passengers lost their lives -- is certainly nothing to make light of, but the fallout has some major lessons for business and crisis management. Carnival, which operated Costa and a number of other cruise lines, suffered severely for its public image bungling in the aftermath of the tragedy, posting a loss of $139 million in March of this year, compared to $152 million in profit for the same period last year. It was the worst wreck in Carnival's history, yet the company's absence in the aftermath did little for its PR battle. Carnival's CEO Micky Arison was non-existent during the fallout except for a few Twitter updates and the release of a short statement. Conflicting reports over whether the wreck was a result of human error or a larger systemic issue, only served to complicate matters. Lesson learned: Taking a back seat during a corporate disaster never bodes well for a company, its executives or its consumer-facing brand.

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