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  • Memorable Moment 1

    Paula Findlay's Olympic event

    You'd have to be the owner of a titanium heart to not feel the pain and anguish felt by Paula Findlay on the day the Canadian finished dead last in the women's triathlon at the London Olympics. A year early the toast of the women's triathlon world and a gold-medal contender for the Summer Games, Findlay had the worst day of her competitive career, breaking down in tears during the running segment and having to be talked into finishing the race.

  • Memorable Moment 2

    Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie resign as RIM's co-CEOs

    The year started with a bang in Waterloo as Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie, the co-CEOs of beleaguered BlackBerry maker Research In Motion, finally stepped down from their posts and handed the reins over to Thorsten Heins. Activist investors had been calling for their resignation for years, thanks largely to the company's slide from the top of the smartphone market-“ a market originally created by RIM. Defiant to the end, the embattled pair repeatedly said their leadership wasn't the problem, that a change at the top wasn't what RIM needed as it worked on long-awaited updates to its core product lines. The market thought differently. Critics said Jim Balsillie's single-minded pursuit of an NHL franchise diverted his attention away from RIM at a time when Apple and Google were emerging as critical threats. They said the leaders' unwillingness to radically update or replace their once-market-leading products left the company vulnerable when the market shifted to app-friendly, touchscreen-based devices. Balsillie remained on the board through March, when he severed his last connection to RIM. Lazaridis is sticking around as board chair, a decision that rankles many who still blame both ex-CEOs for RIM's decline and want to wipe the slate clean.

  • Memorable Moment 3

    The Dark Knight shooting

    A damper was quickly put on the eagerly-awaited release of the film The Dark Knight Rises when the midnight debut of the movie at a theatre in Aurora, Colorado was interrupted by a gunman who tossed tear gas grenades and began shooting, killing 12 people and injuring 58 others. The suspect in the shooting, James Holmes, was arrested outside the theatre minutes later.

  • Memorable Moment 4

    Outraged dad shoots teenage daughter's laptop on video

    Almost everyone can remember a time when their mom or dad disciplined them for getting out of line. Maybe dad grounded you. Maybe mom made you do some extra housework. But not everyone has had to watch their laptop being shot by their own father on a YouTube video that the rest of the world is also watching. Such was the case with Hannah Jordan. Her dad, Tommy Jordan, was unhappy after discovering that his daughter had been complaining about the family and her chores on Facebook. His response was to make an 8-minute video detailing Hannah's bad behavior, before taking out his gun and shooting nine rounds into her laptop. It was more than outrageous and enough to win our memorable moment of the year nomination, and brought in 447,570 page views. "That right there is your laptop," he says in the video, "This right here, is my .45." He then proceeds to unload his clip into the computer. The video, which was posted in February, went viral, and now sits at more than 32 million views. It has been liked by 377,292 people and disliked by 37,905 people. The video has prompted a ton of reaction videos, mostly from teenagers, but also from Dr. Phil, who chastised Jordan for publically shaming his daughter. Tommy and Hannah were even invited to appear on the "Today Show", and were interviewed by Matt Lauer.

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