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    Alex Trebek

    Alex Trebek, who has been the host of the syndicated game show Jeopardy! since 1984, suffered a mild heart attack in 2012, but that barely slowed down the Sudbury-born icon who began filming the show's 29th season this summer. The five-time Emmy Award winner as Outstanding Game Show Host represents Canada as the smartest guy on the set of Jeopardy!, and there's no denying his peculiar glee in providing Canadian-based questions during the show.

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    Viggo Mortensen

    He may not be Canadian but American actor Viggo Mortensen knows how to represent the red and white. For starters, the "Lord of the Rings" star has appeared in three films by Canadian director David Cronenberg ("A History of Violence," "Eastern Promises," "A Dangerous Method.") But Mortensen shows his real love for the Great White North in true Canadian fashion - through his love of hockey. The 53-year-old sports nut is a fan of the Montreal Canadiens, and has shown his support for the team numerous times on the red carpet. He wrapped a Canadiens flag around his ˜On the Road" co-star Kirsten Dunst in Cannes this past May and wrapped the same flag around himself while attending the Genie Awards in March. At least year's Toronto Film Festival, Mortensen presented a Canadiens jersey to his "Dangerous Method" co-star Kiera Knightley at a press conference. Someone make him an honourary Canadian!

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    Clara Hughes

    Clara Hughes brought sincerity to the term Olympic Movement. She did so not because she incredibly collected six medals as a cyclist and speed skater over six Olympic Games, but because she did so with class, grace and a competitive streak that allowed her to find something extra when needed. Hughes' medal haul and her role as a trailblazer in turning over her Olympic bonus money to charitable causes made her a champion in the eyes of Canadians and the international sporting community.

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    St. Lawrence Market

    Canadians have many things to be proud of, but amazing food and prestige in the culinary arts is not something we are typically known for. That's why it becomes increasingly important to celebrate gains of the "tasty" variety. At the foot of Lower Jarvis Street in Toronto lies the St. Lawrence Market, which as stood for more than 200 years. Strolling about the historic building is like taking a tasting tour of our country, and in April of this year, National Geographic magazine named it the world's best food market. It beat out heavy hitters like New York's Union Square Greenmarket and St. Lucia's Castries Market to take the top spot. Why is our market the best? "Redeveloped between the 1970s and 1990s after long neglect, the area's mix of homes and businesses showcases urban regeneration," wrote the magazine. "More than 120 retailers dispense everything from seafood to coffee." Indeed they do. The south market alone houses more than 120 specialty vendors touting everything from candy to sausages to goods imported from Poland. The north market across the street is home to the market gallery, an arts space, and the street outside is filled with antique vendors on the weekend. St. Lawrence Market is truly a cornucopia of the most delectable Canadian tastes, sights and smells, and it also happens to be the best little market in the whole wide world.

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