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  • Media Mogul 1

    Jamie Oliver

    That Jamie Oliver. Will he ever take a break from gallantly attempting to save us from our gluttonous, nutritionally-challenged selves? This year the British celebrity chef and food activist decided to stick it American fast food giants like MacDonalds, for using a product he called "pink slime" in burgers. In an episode of his show, Jamie Oliver's Food Revelation, he described how parts of the cow "not fit for human consumption" because of high bacteria content was being processed with a chemical called ammonia hydroxide, which killed the bacteria, converting the meat into "pink slime". In reaction to Oliver's expose, MacDonald discontinued the use of ammonia hydroxide in its meat products (it's not used at MacDonald's here in Canada, reported the National Post). All this was back in January, but do you think Oliver rested of his laurels after that? Of course not, in early June he took time out of his surely busy schedule (the man has three children) to write to a nine-year-old Scottish girl who had been taking pictures of her apparently dismal school lunches and posting them on blog. The reportedly atrocious school lunches that cafeterias serve in the U.K. has been a bit of a pet project for Oliver, and to see a young one taking up his dearest of causes must have warmed his heart.

  • Media Mogul 2

    Don Cherry

    Whether he's engaged in a verbal sparring match with Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke, defending the league's tough guys, praising Canadian soldiers or reminding viewers that he picked the LA Kings to win the Stanley Cup, Don Cherry continues to have Canadian hockey fans in the coach's corner.

  • Media Mogul 3

    George Cope

    The average CEO spends an entire career chasing the top dog holy grail of that one megadeal. BCE's George Cope managed to score two of them in the same year. In a $1.32 billion deal that gained final CRTC approval in August, BCE partnered with Rogers in December 2011 to purchase controlling interest in Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment from the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan. The once-arch-enemies now control virtually all of Toronto's pro sports landscape, as well as the Air Canada Centre. But the MLSE deal was just a warmup to his second act: BCE's $3.38 billion takeover of radio and specialty channel powerhouse Astral Media Inc. in March. That deal is now at the centre of a heated national debate over how much ownership concentration is too much. Cope's strategy reflects where media ownership is headed not only in Canada, but globally. Concentration of ownership no longer means owning more media outlets. It also includes owning the content that they broadcast, and the networks used for distribution. The road may not be all smooth sailing for Cope, but the rewards - for him and for BCE shareholders - clearly outweigh the risks.

  • Media Mogul 4

    Jian Ghomeshi

    Every morning, Canadians wake up to the soothing tones of Jian Ghomeshi, host of CBC Radio One's cultural affairs show, Q. Ghomeshi has interviewed prominent and controversial figures such as Paul McCartney, Salman Rushdie, Woody Allen, Christopher Hitchens, not to mention a slew of politicos, Prime Ministers and sports stars. (And who could forget the infamous Billy Bob Thornton interview, wherein the actor expressed his anger towards Ghomeish for referring to his film career?) Not only is he a star journalist, the London, UK-born and Thornhill, Ont.-raised broadcaster is a singer, songwriter and musician. He manages Canadian pop singer Lights.

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