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    Ryan Gosling

    He wasn't chosen as People's ‘Sexiest Man of the Year' but Ryan Gosling may be the most popular male celebrity (for women and men) of 2012. With no movies out this year (his hits "Drive," "Crazy, Stupid, Love" and "The Ides of March" came out in 2011) Gosling has been making headlines for his off-screen good-deeds. The "Notebook" star made us swoon when he saved a woman's life in New York City back in April, after he stopped journalist Laurie Penny from being hit by an oncoming car. And ever the doting son, Gosling went to his mother's graduation ceremony (and brought along girlfriend Eva Mendes) at Brock University in Ontario. And what Prime Minister would be complete without their own colouring book?

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    Reza Satchu

    Reza Satchu is a polarizing force. He's been called "Toronto's answer to Donald Trump" by the Globe and Mail and the "millionaire jerk professor" by University of Toronto students, yet his undergraduate course entitled "Economics of Entrepreneurship" was voted the top course at U of T for six years. In its place is The Next 36, an educational program whose goal is to give 36 young Canadians entrepreneurial experience and mentorship in order to become the next super star entrepreneurs. He's built and sold two operating companies and was a former analyst in New York with Merrill Lynch. He is the Vice Chairman of the Hospital for Sick Children Foundation, a member of the Canadian Advisory Board to the Harvard Business School and a member of the Young Presidents' Organization. And the 42-year-old father of three is not slowing down. After dominating in financial and entrepreneurial circles, is a political career far off? We think not.

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    Jeanne Beker

    Though many a proud Canadian fashionistas shed a tear when the demise of "Fashion Television" was announced in April of this year, for many, it was the weekly appearance of the inimitable Jeanne Beker that would be most sorely missed. The woman is a Canadian icon, and though she seems an unlikely choice for this country's highest office, we'd like to name Ms. Beker as our nominee for the next Prime Minister. So where does she stand on foreign policy? We're not sure. Does she have a comprehensive long-term vision for Canadian healthcare? It seems unlikely. But we owe this woman a debt of gratitude for teaching our great nation that clothes can do more than just shield us from those bitter Canadian winters. Why not put her in charge? Beker was the driving force behind the seminal "Fashion Television", the popular behind-the-scenes fashion television show that launched way back in 1985. She was also behind the first ever fashion website on the internet (@fashion) and is the author of five fashion-related books. Beker has a clothing line of her own – EDIT by Jeanne Beker. And though Fashion Television is no more after a historic 27-year run, it's safe to say that Beker is still going strong, as a producer and host on FashionTelevision: The Channel and as a designer.

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    Justin Trudeau

    If charisma and bloodlines mean anything, Justin Trudeau will sweep to power as Canada's next PM. Trudeau, who initially spurned calls to get involved in politics, has been the Member of Parliament for Papineau, Quebec, since 2008. Only 40 years old, Trudeau has been touted as the next Liberal leader throughout 2012, though he has not yet indicated any intention to run for the opening (ed. note: Trudeau declared his intention to seek the Liberal Party leadership after the Awards Polling opened).

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