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  • Social Media Superstar 1

    Justin Bieber

    He has 26,885,847 Twitter followers and counting. A sample of his Tweets include: "BE GREAT!" "HARD WORK DEDICATION! #rehearsal" "if you are with me im never letting you go. we are in this for the long run. i love you all. #BELIEVE that! #Beliebers." One Tweet from the 18-year-old can make a difference between life and death (literally) as was shown when the pop star made a plea on Twitter on behalf of double lung transplant recipient Helene Campbell urging fans to become organ donors. He can even inspire Olympians, as was shown when he gave a shout out to Team Canada gymnast Dominique Pegg at the 2012 London Games. Not even Ryan Gosling can do that.

  • Social Media Superstar 2

    Tony Clement

    Treasury Board President Tony Clement has a whopping 24,000 followers, and he tweets his adventures numerous times each day. Like a lot of social media celebrities, Clement got lambasted by the Twittersphere earlier this year after mocking a Globe and Mail editor's decision to move to Cuba and for calling a teenager a jackass, but he's leveled off since then.

  • Social Media Superstar 3

    Priscilla Chan

    Zucks got married! And no, he didn't wear a hoodie and sports sandals. At 28, the planet's most successful social media superstar, Mark Zuckerberg, tied the knot this May with his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan. Seeing as the inventor of Facebook was worth an estimated $17 billion when he wed back in May, much of the talk was not of young love, but of the prenuptial agreement.

    The wedding came just one day after Facebook hit the stock market, and after an initially gigantic public offering that made Zucks a billionaire, the newlyweds have been forced to watch as Facebook share prices have plummeted. Maybe they can take comfort in the fact that, as a recent medical school graduate, Chan can kick in and pay some bills if worst comes to worst.

  • Social Media Superstar 4

    Paul Bissonette

    He's No. 12 in the Phoenix Coyotes program but Paul Bissonette is best known as @BizNasty2point0. The Coyotes' tough guy and owner of five career goals in the NHL is the league's most followed tweeter with more than 324,000 followers on his Twitter account.

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