Letdown of the Year winner: Facebook's IPO

The biggest letdown of the year, you said, was Facebook's IPO by a huge margin. The social network’s failure garnered almost as many votes as the other three candidates combined.

The IPO had all the ingredients of an investment soap opera, namely unmitigated hype and not a whole lot of substance to back it up. Mix in a level of corporate maturity that throughout Facebook's history has wavered between promising-but-ignorant toddler and petulant teenager and it's easy to see why things have gone from bad to worse since the company went public in May.
And what did our readers say?

"Facebook IPO without a doubt." -  "Beatles Fan"

This category also elicited a lot of responses about other letdowns that didn't make the final voting list.

"Allowing shows like American Idol, X-Factor and Honey Boo Boo to continue. The Bachelor/ette shows too, they've proven it's trash and no one stays together - just end it already." - ";p"