Yaki Udon | Garlic, Ginger, Sesame Oil & Plenty of Vegetables

Want to try a homey spin on a popular Yaki Udon dish? This is just for you! The aromatic ginger, garlic, and soy sauce blend together to create a familiar, delicious taste that can be spiced up with red ginger, dried bonito flakes, and green laver. To top it all off, the smooth taste of Japanese Mayo and red pepper over hot udon sends you to street fairs and school festivals! This is a super easy recipe for anyone and is super healthy, being loaded with plenty of vegetables. Enjoy! ============================================================ ❥ YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDvCGAygv511zlEkVAWQfbA ❥ Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/hungrycookingstudio/ ============================================================ ● Ingredients for 2 people ・Dry Udon … 200~250g ・Sliced Pork … 120g ・Garlic … 3 cloves ・Mushroom … 2 ・Shimeji mushrooms … 1/2 pack ・Onion … 1/4 ・Green onion … 2 ・Bell Pepper … 1/4 ・Carrot … 1/3 ・Cabbage … 3~4 leaves ・Asparagus … 3 ・Water … 100ml ・Soy Sauce … 3~4 tbsp ・Sake … 2 tbsp ・Mirin … 1 tsp ・Hondashi … 1 tsp ・Ginger ・Sesame oil ・Salt ・Black pepper ・Crushed red pepper ・Katsuobushi (Drided bonito) ・Mayonaise ・Shichimi Togarashi ・Red Ginger ・Aonori ・Kezuribushi (Drided Bonito) ● Cooking Recipe ① Boil water for Udon. ② Finely mince your garlic, slice mushrooms and carrot, thickly slice onion and bell pepper vertically, chop green onion and asparagus into 2cm, and tear the cabbage into bite-sized pieces by hand. Remove the root system from the Shimeji mushrooms and separate. ③ Grate ginger. ④ Cut thinly sliced pork into bite-sized pieces and lightly salt. ⑤ Mix 100ml water, 3 tbsp soy sauce, 2 tbsp sake, 1 tsp Mirin, 1~1.5 tsp Hondashi, and grated ginger. ⑥ When water from step one comes to the boil, place Udon in the pot. Cook Udon 1 minute less than the instructed time. When the Udon is ready, drain and rinse with cold running water to remove starch and prevent it from cooking further. ⑦ Pour olive oil and garlic into a frying pan and heat. ⑧ When the garlic is aromatic, add prepared vegetables from step two and stir fry until tender. ⑨ When the vegetable are soft, add pork and fry them until browned. ⑩ Add to cooked Udon to pan and pour in the prepared sauce, dried bonito, red ginger, crushed red pepper, sesame oil, salt, and pepper. Fry until the water has evaporated and is evenly seasoned.. ⑪ Check taste. If the taste is weak, add small amounts of soy sauce or salt as needed. ⑫ Serve with Japanese Mayo topped with Shichimi Togarashi, and red ginger, Kezuri-bushi (dried bonito) , ao-nori as toppings. ● Cooking tips ・Boil the udon noodles for a little shorter than instructed. When ready, drain off water and rinse under cold water to remove excess starch and tighten the noodle preventing further softening. ・Leftover Yaki Udon can be frozen and saved. You can cook it in the microwave and eat it anytime. Make sure to freeze when freshly cooked.

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