From the Yankees to the Red Sox: Woodstock's Andrew Wright takes on new role

Andrew Wright started his major league baseball career in 2019 with the New York Yankees. He's shown here with Greg Hamilton (left) of Baseball Canada.  (Submitted by Andrew Wright - image credit)
Andrew Wright started his major league baseball career in 2019 with the New York Yankees. He's shown here with Greg Hamilton (left) of Baseball Canada. (Submitted by Andrew Wright - image credit)

Woodstock-born Andrew Wright is making a move in Major League Baseball with a new job with the Boston Red Sox.

Wright had been working with the New York Yankees as manager of staff development since 2019, his first job for MLB.

The Red Sox poached him to be their minor-league field co-ordinator, according to the Boston Globe.

Wright said working for the Red Sox in particular is "incredibly special" for him and his family.

"Growing up in Woodstock and, just by sheer virtue of the geography, you're in ... Red Sox nation," he said. "In our household you didn't really have an option."

Rick Stewart/Getty Images
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Wright said Boston Red Sox games were always on in his home when he was growing up, and family vacations were taken at Fenway Park.

"It was a big part of what our identity was as a family," he said. Wright said his father passed away in 2004 and was "probably the biggest Red Sox fan I ever met."

"I think he would just be over the moon right now if he knew that this had come to pass."

'Happy to be a part of it'

Wright said he loved all aspects of his role with the New York Yankees, from the people he worked with to the work itself, and when he was asked to interview for the position with the Red Sox he wasn't easily sold.

"I even told my bosses with the Yankees, 'There's going to be a really high bar to even entertain this'," said Wright.

"It seemed like at every turn, everyone I met with — the changes that needed to be made — everything was right up my alley."

Wright said in the five weeks since he started the role he's been video chatting all 70 staff members at the Red Sox organization to prepare for the upcoming training season.

"It's exciting work and I'm certainly happy to be a part of it," he said.

Where it began

Wright began his baseball career in 2002 as an assistant baseball coach at Concord University in West Virginia.

He then worked similar positions at West Virginia University, until he accepted a position as head coach for Wilmington Sharks Baseball in North Carolina.

Wright was a head coach for various teams for about a decade before making it to the major leagues.

"My path through college baseball ended up with me being a head coach … we did a good job at making our program very visible," said Wright.

"Getting an opportunity in professional baseball was exciting," said Wright.

"I had other teams that I was talking with, but obviously the vision and the mission they were trying to put in place with the Yankees, and getting the opportunity to work for my previous boss Kevin Reese was something I absolutely couldn't pass up."

Wright first took on the role as manager of development for the New York Yankees and was promoted six months later to the team's director of Dominican Republic baseball operations from Tampa, Florida.

Strong N.B. community

He said his accomplishments in baseball are largely thanks to the support and training he received from Baseball New Brunswick in Woodstock.

"I grew up in a very cool time in Baseball New Brunswick when Jason Dickson, Rheal Cormier and Matt Stairs were all in the big leagues," said Wright, "It made something like this a little bit more real for people in New Brunswick."

Wright said he's thankful for Baseball New Brunswick and that strong community.