Yay or nay: Is Drew Brees the doppelgänger of former U.S. president?

On Thursday, presidential historian and author Michael Beschloss tweeted a photo of President Rutherford B. Hayes when he was a young man of about 23-years-old, noting that Hayes looked quite different 30 years later, when he became president.

NFL Network’s Rich Eisen saw the photo and noticed that young Hayes looked a lot like a certain New Orleans Saints quarterback:

That’s not the best photo of Drew Brees that Beschloss chose for the side-by-side comparison, but it is pretty funny, and there’s definitely a similarity there.

Hayes was an Ohio native who represented the state in Congress and then was governor for a decade before being elected President. As best we can tell, the closest tie Brees has to Ohio is a 5-2 record in the state against the Bengals and Browns.

Do you think Brees looks like the former president? Tell us in the comments.