Yellow Rose in Bonavista: New craft shop opening this summer

Yellow Rose in Bonavista: New craft shop opening this summer

A mini-boom in Bonavista is picking right up where it left off, with another business moving to the community this summer.

Of the six shops that opened on Church Street last year, one is expanding to a bigger location, and a St. John's textile artist will be taking over the space.  

"It's a great place for a young couple to be moving right now," Anna Murphy, the vision behind the soon-to-be opened Yellow Rose, told the Central Morning Show.

Murphy specializes in naturally-dyed textiles — silks and cottons — using everything from roots, plants, insects and woods.

She will be taking over the former East Coast Glow property.

Looking for a change

Murphy said she was looking for a change from St. John's, and thought Bonavista was the right fit.

"I think the craft community in Bonavista right now is really flourishing, and I'm excited to be a part of the community that is so active," she said.

She's not worried about the seasonal nature of the tourism business — she's planning to work on wholesale orders, and start an online presence.

The business is set to open in June.

The Yellow Rose name is a nod to her grandparents.

Murphy said on their very first date, after meeting in their 40s, her grandfather brought her grandmother a yellow rose.

"For 25 years, he brought her yellow roses for special occasions, and just because," Murphy said. "They were so in love and they really had an amazing appreciation for each other."

The two met after previous marriages, Murphy said.

"In our family now, the yellow rose is a symbol of second chances and appreciation, and just like a good life."