Yellowbelly revisiting plans for Ferryland brewery extension, after wind destroys building

A St. John's company that was hoping to increase its beer brewing capacity by making a new facility in Ferryland will have to start again, after severe winds destroyed the newly-purchased building.

Craig Flynn, owner of Yellowbelly Brewery, says the company had recently purchased the old fish plant on the waterfront in Ferryland.

"The plans are to hopefully put a brewery out in that location, a larger brewery than we have in our current location … our supply is not keeping up with our demand."

But those plans have been derailed, after the weekend's wind storm literally ripped the roof off the building.

Flynn was in New York City over the weekend, taking in the musical Come From Away, when he got a call from a man who has been helping maintain the Ferryland property.

"When I saw his number on the phone and I knew there was a major wind storm happening up here in Newfoundland, I knew it wasn't good news," he told CBC's St. John's Morning Show.

"Basically he said the roof's coming off the building and from what we can gather is that the winds were so strong that it actually collapsed the front brick wall of the building … and of course once the wind got into the building it lifted the roof up in the air."

'Hopefully continue with our plans'

Flynn said the concrete wharf portion was seriously damaged due to winds paired with the pounding surf.

The property was still uninsured, Flynn said, because they hadn't yet started renovations or construction.

It's too soon to figure out what's next for Yellowbelly's brewing plans, Flynn said, and they will need time to figure out how to pay for repairs before upgrades.

"We're not the only one of course that's received damaged, not the only municipality. We're working with the Town of Ferryland as well and hopefully we'll be able to find somebody to help compensate for the extra damage," said Flynn.

"We can hopefully continue with our plans and start construction again hopefully some time in the near future. We're definitely gonna have to revisit our engineering though."