Yellowknife fighter to compete at Amateur MMA World Championships

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Yellowknife fighter to compete at Amateur MMA World Championships

Yellowknife's Jared Tordoff will represent Canada at the Amateur MMA World Championships in November.

The Kingdom of Bahrain, an Arabic monarchy in the Persian Gulf, is hosting the event.

On April 7, Tordoff, 20, won a spot on the national team after defeating two challengers at an amateur mixed martial arts tournament in Lethbridge, Alta.

"I am a member of Team Canada," Tordoff told CBC News proudly. "Big thanks to everyone who supported me."

​Tordoff said his first opponent was a wrestler who took him down to the mat — not a smart move against Tordoff, a submission practitioner and purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

"It really played to my advantage," Tordoff said. "I was on bottom and I gained top position. From there I controlled [the fight] and locked on a submission."

Tordoff finished with a mounted triangle choke.

His gold medal match required a courageous comeback.

Tordoff said when he reached out to touch gloves at the start of the fight, he was immediately kicked in the head.

"I definitely wasn't expecting a kick in the head right away," Tordoff said.

"I can't blame him. I have to blame myself there. You have to be ready for whatever happens."

A mother cringes

Tordoff said his mother, Cheryl Tordoff, watched the fight via webcast in Yellowknife. He said she had previously not been able to stomach watching him compete.

"She was all pumped, and then, boom, head kick in the first three seconds," Tordoff said.

"She got up and walked out of the room."

Tordoff said his brother called her back into the room after he recovered from the knockdown.

The momentum of the fight turned in Tordoff's favour.

"I scored a takedown against the cage which landed me in mount. From there I started throwing my punches," Tordoff said.

"He tried to turn away to get away, and I locked on the armbar."

Toroff said his family is planning to travel with him to Bahrain for the world championships, mother included.

Tordoff trains with Warrior Strong International, and Alliance Jiu Jitsu in Yellowknife.