Yellowknife man gets 2½ years for crime spree

A man found guilty of a crime spree in Yellowknife to support his drug habit is going to prison for two and a half years.

Shane Elanik, 36, pleaded guilty to nine charges earlier this week, including thefts from six Yellowknife businesses to fund his crack addiction.

Elanik got 12 months for rummaging through a room at the Super 8 Motel where two women were staying.

The judge called it a profound invasion.

Elanik emptied out a suitcase, put the room's TV in the bag and walked out of the motel.

On top of the six property offences, Elanik got four months for assaulting his common-law partner. He repeatedly choked and pushed her against a balcony railing until the neighbour upstairs called the police.

The defense had asked for a total of 15 months in jail, but Judge Garth Malakoe sentenced Elanik to 30 months on Thursday, noting his 56 prior convictions.

Malakoe said in court that Elanik has had plenty of opportunities to get help for his drug problems.

The judge said he took into account Elanik’s difficult upbringing and time in residential school, but he said, given the dangerous assault and the brazen thefts, he had to put an emphasis on the public's safety.

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