Yellowstone's Kelly Reilly shares ending hopes for Beth Dutton

kelly reilly as beth dutton, yellowstone
Yellowstone's Kelly Reilly shares ending hopesParamount+

Yellowstone star Kelly Reilly has shared her thoughts on how Beth Dutton's story should end.

The fifth and final season of the show is underway, wrapping up the tale of the Dutton family, now in the absence of John Dutton after star Kevin Costner left the critically acclaimed series.

As the show comes to a close, Reilly has opened up on her hopes for how her character Beth will bow out of the drama.

kelly reilly, kevin costner, yellowstone, season 5

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"I know the ending of the show, which I’ve known for six years," she told TVLine. "We all knew what the ending would be. We’re going to film that this summer."

She said Beth's storyline remains a mystery, but she hopes she can achieve "peace" during the final episodes.

When asked if she thinks that is possible, given Beth's dramatic nature, she said: "As possible as it is for any of us. Peace requires some digging and some surrender and letting go of old pains and hurts.

"I certainly believe that she can find that. Whether or not that’s possible, I don’t know. She’s such a warrior, isn’t she? Her reason to be is to protect. Her reason to be is to fight. But I’d like to see that for her."

Reilly added: "I question potentially whether happiness is allowed. Over the seasons, we’ve been able to see where it might exist. But she’s taken out of it so quickly. Maybe there’s a future where she’s not sort of yanked out of her happiness."

kelly reilly as beth dutton, yellowstone

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While Yellowstone may be coming to an end, prequel series 1923 is back for a second season with Jennifer Carpenter joining the cast.

The Dexter actor will star alongside series regulars Harrison Ford and Dame Helen Mirren as brand new character Mamie Fossett.

1923 – along with 1883 – gives us further insight into the Dutton family backstory, with Star Wars icon Ford playing John Dutton III's ancestor.

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