Yes, BJ Novak Knows His Mug’s on Random Products Overseas – and He Doesn’t Plan to Sue

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Like millions of Americans, a return to the rigid standards of the office could do B.J. Novak some good, especially if it means getting his face back.

But does he really want it back?

Novak, known for playing temp-turned-executive employee Ryan Howard in “The Office,” remarked on Instagram about his head shot appearing on products sold worldwide.

In a series of Instagram story posts, Novak called attention to the recent trend of his face appearing on product packaging, writing “years ago, someone mistakenly put an image of me on a public domain site, and now apparently am on products all around the world, but I am too amused to do anything about it.”

Novak saved the story slides in a highlight on his Instagram profile titled “Modeling.” The slideshow begins with a photo of his face on the wrapping for a rain poncho called “Wet protect,” which he captioned “Stay dry today, Los Angeles.”

He also shared photos of his face on packaging for a Kujang facial instrument, electric hair clippers, a Swedish cologne and face paint in Uruguay.

Novak’s reps did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for a comment.

Novak has not taken any action — legal or otherwise — about the use of his face as a public domain image, besides his humored acknowledgement on social media, including replying to some tweets.

When Lawrence Shaw, lead environmental advisor to Forestry England, tweeted “@bjnovak I don’t know had Greek poncho range?” Novak replied, “I’m international.”

Dana Beers of Barstool Sports also tweeted screenshots of Novak’s IG story slides.

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