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Yes, mini can strainers exist — this $7 TikTok find makes food prep a snap: 'No more tuna juice on the hands'

Pouring out excess liquids is a breeze when you have a can colander in your kitchen.

Canned goods are a blessing: They last a really long time, keep well in the pantry and often don't involve any actual cooking. But, if we're being honest, we'd rather not have to deal with those mystery liquids many foods come packed in. That's probably why this Prepworks Can Colander has gone viral on TikTok — it helps protect your hands from lima bean slime and vegetable juice, and does an even better job at removing excess liquids than using the can's lid. At just $7, adding this nifty can strainer to your kitchen arsenal is a no-brainer.

We CAN-not believe we didn't think of inventing this first. 

$8 at Amazon

The Prepworks Can Colander works just like a colander you'd use for produce or pasta. It was designed to snap right onto most standard-size cans and is dotted with holes for the extra liquid to pour out of. This makes it more efficient than can lids, which don't allow you to see what's left inside; not to mention, it's much safer than subjecting your fingers to sharp metal edges. Plus, this gizmo ensures the food stays in while the liquid drains out.

Because it has two little side handles, you won't have to get up close and personal with whatever substance your canned carrots are soaking in. And once you've done the initial straining, flip it over, push down and it'll act like a press for getting every last drop out.

According to some users, it also results in tastier food. Says this reviewer: "This makes the rinsing process of cleaning the vegetables and getting the metal taste out so much easier. I love this thing!" And another shopper with arthritis claims it makes draining cans easier.

blue can strainer / hands using the can strainer to remove liquid from a can
How cute is this mini can strainer? (Amazon)

While we're on the subject of reviewers, the Prepworks Can Colander has already wowed more than 8,600 Amazon customers so much, they gave it a perfect rating.

"Who knew? It's amazing how much I love this product," gushed one satisfied shopper. "I used to just use the can lid to squeeze out the liquid, but that way you can lose tuna and risk cutting your fingers on the sharp edges. This product works perfectly, the tuna comes out dry as a bone. Also works well if you turn it the other way to drain smaller cans such as black olives, etc."

"I have weak wrists from years of typing, and this works great," shared another impressed buyer. "You don’t need much force to squeeze the liquid out of a can of tuna or chicken anyway. It should hold up for a good while. Also held up well in the dishwasher."

"This can colander is well-made in terms of its construction, fits smaller cans properly and does its job well," wrote a third reviewer. "While I would have liked the option of choosing a different color, that is by no means a complaint or reason to knock my rating down to four stars. This thing performs well with a wide variety of canned foods and is sturdy enough to last for years to come."

This final fan might have summed it up in the best (and grossest) way: "No more tuna juice on the hands."

It's just seven bucks — what are you waiting for?!

$8 at Amazon

And when it comes to opening cans, I swear by this:

This superior gadget doesn't pierce through the lid, it cuts around it to eliminate any sharp edges. Genius! My lids have popped off easily every time, and I don't have to worry about slicing my fingers, either. I find it so satisfying to remove the lid still intact, and if you're not using the entire contents of the can, you can stick it back on to save the leftovers. Oh, and the coolest feature? There's a set of teeny built-in claws you can use to pick up messy lids so you don't have to touch anything icky.

$26 at Macy's

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