YMCA of Central East Ontario working to reduce thread of COVID-19 spread

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Since the beginning of September, the YMCA of Central East Ontario has been working hard under the guidance and direction of Hastings Prince Edward Public Health to implement preventative measures to reduce the threat of spreading COVID-19 within the YMCA of Quinte West.

As of December 15th, the YMCA of Central East Ontario has learned that a staff member from the Quinte West Branch has tested positive for COVID-19 as a result of close contact with a family member.

The Hastings Prince Edward Public Health has assessed the situation to be of low risk to members, staff and volunteers.

The YMCA of CEO has been in contact with our partner at the City of Quinte West to closely monitor the situation. A continuing investigation is being held to ensure the health and safety of all members of the community, activating contact tracing protocols to determine if any members of staff have been in contact with the COVID-19 positive individual.

“Since the beginning of this pandemic, the YMCA and Hastings Prince Edward Public Health have been in close contact, working together to ensure the safety of our YMCA members, participants, staff and volunteers,” said president and CEO of the YMCA of Central East Ontario David Allen.

The YMCA of Central East Ontario has modified spaces and amenities to increase health and safety measures by implementing additional hand-sanitizing stations, removing all non-essential or difficult-to-clean equipment and removing lobby furniture.

A reduced capacity and an appointment based-system for access to the facility, required digital health screenings and contactless scan-in stations help to reduce contact and the spread of germs.

Members visiting the YMCA can expect to see physical distance measures such as signage, floor markings and plexiglass barriers and will be required to wear a mask.

Following the guidance of health authorities, the YMCA of Central East Ontario has also instituted additional and more frequent cleaning procedures.

The staff of YMCA CEO have increased the frequency cleaning of high touchpoints such as door handles, elevator buttons, hand railings, light switches, toilet seats, and taps. Hospital-grade disinfectant such as Sany+ H202, Oxivir Plus and Vanguard are to be used, and regular documentation of the sanitization of common areas is required.

The YMCA of Central East Ontario said that the electrostatic spray and fogger technology has additional steps if an area needs specific attention and that disinfection kits have been developed and made available to staff to support internal cleaning practices.

“Our approach at all times, has been guided by local and provincial health officials,” added Allen. “We continue to review our efforts to ensure a safe environment at our YMCA. We are grateful for the ongoing support and direction from local health agencies and our community. We will continue to work together to fight the spread of COVID-19.”

Virginia Clinton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Intelligencer