New York City Just Discovering Trash Bins Is Probably The Most Absurd Thing Ever

Well, it looks like New York has discovered trash bins.

A recycling bin for North Huntingdon Township, placed next to a brick wall and on the pavement
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In an effort to get literal bags of trash off the street, New York is starting a "Trash Revolution" with trash bins.

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Yes, trash bins.

Four garbage bins are placed on a sidewalk in a residential area
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Starting this fall, apartment buildings with one to nine units are required to use the NYC Bin.

Twitter: @nycgov

Mayor Eric Adams debuted the master plan by wheeling out a garbage can to the tune of "Empire State of Mind." He then demonstrated how to use it.

Liam Quigley/Twitter: @_elkue

People truly can't believe this whole thing is real.

Liam Quigley/Twitter: @oldenoughtosay

"Congratulations New York City on introducing the wheelie bin," this person said.

Liam Quigley/Twitter: @drphiliplee1

"Very exciting," another person joked.

Liam Quigley/Twitter: @BeijingPalmer

People in Europe are congratulating Americans.

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The whole thing is rightfully absurd, but honestly, WE NEED THEM.

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