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St Marks

Two single-storey building sit in the shadow of an apartment block. (Adam Friedberg)

New York Photographer Captures The City’s Last Remaining Single-Storey Buildings

New York City’s skyline is instantly recognisable thanks to it’s forest of mega-high buildings stacking up into the clouds.

And in this skyscraper city, single-storey buildings are dwindling away fast.

But one New Yorker is on a mission to preserve the legacy of the few resolutely low-rise buildings that remain in the Big Apple. 

Photographer Adam Friedberg has set about capturing pictures of all the ground-level structures before they’re lost entirely.

Friedberg says: ‘Today, it seems, tall buildings are sprouting everywhere, with little regard for existing fabric.  

‘As a twenty five-year resident of the area, I have witnessed these changes. And as a longtime architectural/environmental photographer, I am compelled to document them.’

Friedberg uses stark black and white photographs to document the few remaining oddball properties, and the rare glimpses of open sky they provide in a high-rise town. 

He says: ‘I am recording each of these single-story buildings in this transitional time before they are replaced and forgotten, their corresponding negative spaces filled in.’