Canada gets treated to a spookily 'normal' Halloween forecast

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Canada gets treated to a spookily 'normal' Halloween forecast
Canada gets treated to a spookily 'normal' Halloween forecast

Call it spooky, call it eerie -- but in a year that's offered barely any sort of normalcy, the weather looks to align for a 'normal' type of Halloween across much of Canada.

Good news for those planning any sort of outdoor weekend activities with proper Covid restrictions in mind.

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While most of Canada will see temperatures that are on the cold side of seasonal for Halloween Saturday, there is no part of Canada that will have temperatures that are more than a few degrees below or above what is considered “normal” or “seasonal” for this time of year.

That is quite a contrast to what we saw just one week ago when parts of the Prairies were as much as 20 degrees colder than seasonal. Meanwhile, temperatures were running 15 degrees above seasonal from Windsor to Montreal as daytime highs soared into the low to mid 20s.

The blocking pattern in the atmosphere that created the highly amplified jet stream and resulted in the sharp contrast in temperatures has finally broken down, but still with a lot of leftover arctic air that is keeping temperatures on the chilly side of normal for much of Canada this weekend.



The autumn season is famous for bringing changeable weather with wild temperature swings, but during the weekend the atmosphere will take a bit of a break from those extreme conditions that dominated the rest of October.

While it is not unusual for a specific location to see “normal” temperatures, it is quite unusual that so much of Canada will be near normal at one time.

"Having temperatures near normal is actually not as common as you might expect since that really just represents roughly the mid point between the wide range in temperatures that we typically see," says Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

This time of the year can also be notorious for bringing potent fall storms to the country.

"While we will have a strong storm that will track from northern Manitoba to northern Ontario, most Canadians will see dry weather on Saturday," Gillham adds.



According to Gillham, the "weather winner" for this Saturday would be the South Coast of B.C. -- both Vancouver Island from Campbell River to Tofino (including Victoria) and the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley from Vancouver to Hope.

"This region will see abundant sunshine during the day and partly cloudy conditions at night and temperatures that are near seasonal."

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