Young Eagles fan celebrates Super Bowl win with awesome Valentine's Day cards

Many Philadelphia Eagles fans released a lifetime’s worth of passion the instant the Eagles won the Super Bowl. But just because the team’s parade is over doesn’t mean the celebration has to stop.

One wise eight-year-old had the foresight to look at the calendar, and figure out the best way to keep the Eagles’ love fest alive a little longer. Instead of going out and buying packaged Valentine’s Day cards, he decided to make his own custom ones … built around the Eagles’ Super Bowl win.

Honestly, we’re shocked this hasn’t been done before. It’s a great idea, and with the Super Bowl so close to the holiday, it seems so obvious.

We’ll give those cards an A+ for creativity. The slogans and pictures work, and hit on some of the key moments from the game. It’s a great way to remember what happened, and to take a dig at Tom Brady. You have to admit that’s the best one … unless you’re a New England Patriots fan.

Now that we’ve seen the Super Bowl winner immortalized in Valentine’s Day cards, we would love to see the other side.

That’s right, let’s see some Cleveland Browns Valentine’s Day cards. You pretty much have to be a hopeless romantic to still cling to the Browns these days, so it shouldn’t be too hard for long-time fans.

We didn’t know we needed Nick Foles Valentine’s Day cards. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

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