Young fan hopes his first NHL game won't be Price-less

Young fan hopes his first NHL game won't be Price-less

Getting a framed action photo of his idol, Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price, as a birthday present was awesome enough, but 10-year-old Logan March is hoping to meet the real thing later this month.

His mom and social media just might make it happen. 

Natasha Lavers says when Logan saw the picture, he was screaming, "Oh, that was an epic save!"

But when Lavers told him to turn the frame over, he went crazy.

"Pack your bags, we're going to the Habs," Lavers had written. Logan said he "almost threw up" with excitement.

Now his mom is hoping a picture of Logan — wearing his Carey Price No. 31 Canadiens jersey and posted on her social media accounts — will make others excited enough to spread the word far enough that Price will agree to meet Logan in Ottawa.

The Senators play a home game against the Canadiens in mid-March. 

The photo shows Logan holding a handmade sign that reads, in part, "My mom worked really hard for me to get a trip for us to go to Ottawa on March 18 to see you play. You have been my idol since forever and I would love to meet you. Please everyone share."

Lavers said the response has been "amazing."

By last Friday, her Facebook post alone had been shared more than 4,100 times. 

"Twitter is gone crazy with posts," she said. "I'm getting emails from people, offering for us to stay at their B&B for free, to offer me money to help with the trip."

"But I don't want anything," said Lavers, "and I keep saying, 'If you can supply me Carey Price for, like, 10 minutes, that's all I want.'" 

Cheered for the underdog

Logan said he has cheered for Price for as long as he can remember. 

"When I started watching hockey, he was, like, the worst goalie. I sometimes cheer for the underdog, and now he's not the underdog anymore. He was voted best goalie in the world," he said.

"I know everything about him: How old he is, where he grew up, how tall he is."

Logan's bedroom is full of Carey Price memorabilia. He wears his Canadiens No. 31 jersey when he watches hockey on TV, and when he plays hockey, he minds the net.

Maybe it's hockey superstition, but to bring good luck, Logan said he doesn't wash the jersey.

"It's pretty dirty," he admitted.

"It's pretty stinky," his mom added. 

So will the picture help bring the sweet smell of success? There has been no word yet from Price or the Habs.

If the meeting doesn't happen, Logan said that's OK. He's happy enough to watch his first NHL game in person, featuring his hero in the Montreal net.