Young girl in Kenya works impressively hard to haul water for her family

This young girl in Kenya is nine years old. Her family faces challenges as they live a modest life in Kenya, Africa. Water is scarce and the climate is unforgiving and harsh. In order to cook and wash, the family requires water to be hauled from the nearest source. But the nearest source is a small drainage ditch with a spring that is 2km (1.2 miles) from her home. This doesn't the girl's family from thriving, even though hauling a jug of water takes her almost two hours each day. Most of the families that live in the outskirts and villages of Kenya are subsistence farmers, surviving by growing corn, carrots, and greens to eat themselves. If they are lucky, they can also grow some extra vegetables to sell at the market. Life can be challenging in Kenya. The soil is difficult to farm in some areas and many people here have to rent land and travel a considerable distance to be able to grow a small crop. Naomy, who is filming the chore of gathering water, farms in this manner. She works long days to earn $3-5 per day. She supports her grandparents as well as a small child who was abandoned by their parents 7 years ago. In a harsh world, children are often forgotten. The struggle to feed a small family is a tough one, but kindness and perseverance prevail as this small family sticks together to overcome the challenges. In our world, it is easy to forget how well off we are or how we have many advantages over others who live on the other side of the planet. We take things for granted, such as water that flows from a tap, or electricity that requires only the flip of a switch.