Young hockey player scores spin-o-rama, celebrates with moonwalk

Thomas Williams
Hockey writer
Capping off the spin-o-rama goal, the San Jose Sharks' intermission entertainment did a moonwalk celebration. (Twitter/@SanJoseSharks)

On the big stage of intermission entertainment during Saturday’s game between the San Jose Sharks and New York Islanders, a young player took advantage of the spotlight.

After scoring a picture-perfect spin-o-rama goal, sending the puck casually through the opposing goaltender’s legs, No. 44 marked his tally in style with the rare moonwalk celebration.

Logan Couture needs to copy the move for his next big goal.

Unfortunately, not every young player could pull off the outrageous celebrations during this intermission shootout.

Sometimes trying to outshine your teammate just puts you in an embarrassing moment, but it was a good effort. Maybe it was on purpose and we’re witnessing the next true evolution of the celebration.

The Sharks beat the Islanders 2-1 in overtime, bringing them to .500 on the season with a record of 12-11-1.

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