Which young QB may never win a Super Bowl? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

With Patrick Mahomes dominating Super Bowl appearances in recent years, Yahoo Fantasy analysts Matt Harmon and Andy Behrens examine the possibility of a star quarterback never getting over the hump to win a championship. Hear the full conversation on the “Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast” - subscribe on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: Is there any way to even predict, like, who, do you think, that one of these guys, like, who would break through? Who might not break through? It's just kind of tragic, knowing that a lot of these guys will end up having a career like Matt Ryan, which is great, but, ultimately, falls a little short of the main goal.

ANDY BEHRANS: Yeah, like, on the one hand, you look at where the AFC in particular is right now, and you went through the names, Trevor Lawrence, Josh Allen, Lamar, Burrow, Herbert, like, there's an incredible collection of quarterbacking talent. They're not just going to take turns going to Super Bowls. They all have to get through Patrick Mahomes, right? Like, that doesn't end any time soon. I mean, it's not inconceivable that almost everybody you just mentioned, like, maybe one or two guys break through, right?

Like, I don't know, can Justin Herbert win an MVP and never win a Super Bowl? Sure. He's already thrown for 5,000 yards, right? Like, Joe Burrow is going to win an MVP or two, because that is the kind of thing where players take turns, right, and that is very much narrative-driven, and we just start building the case for a guy at midseason, and we don't see our way to anybody else. That's how, sometimes, these things get decided before they should get decided.

MATT HARMON: Like, you come back to Philip Rivers, because he never even went to a Super Bowl. Like, that's tough to stomach. But it's the reality of the position right now, even in the NFC, with Jalen Hurts, last year, they go to the Super Bowl, and I think there's a temptation to be like, look, the Eagles have a great roster, they'll be back here a ton of times, but you just never know.

I think the Burrow example is probably, like, I'm with you. I think he's the one that maybe you look at, and, because he went to a Super Bowl already, like, he'll get one, or he'll be back, or whatever, but that team is going to go under a ton of change the next few years, right, because the Chase contract discussion, the Higgins contract discussion, and, yeah, I think, if I had to guess right now, you know, Burrow has even talked about maybe taking less money to keep the team together. Maybe he does. Maybe he doesn't. Usually, nobody ever does.

But maybe they keep those three guys together, and then maybe you're looking at Burrow as a Matt Ryan type of guy, with maybe better peaks, maybe more potential, like, pushes to be a Super Bowl quarterback, but never actually gets one, and as great as Burrow is, I think, if you told people right now, he'd be in that 98th percentile of quarterbacks, like Matt Ryan is, it would be kind of a disappointment, but, God, it's not! It's a really good career!