Young Vancouver cricket player gets shot against big boys in local tournament

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Young Vancouver cricket player gets shot against big boys in local tournament

Cricket may not be a widely played sport in Canada, but 10-year old Kabir Makkar's love for the game is at a fever pitch.

The Vancouver boy has been playing the game since he was six years old, and he's become good enough to try playing in a local men's tournament in April.

"I just feel like I'm having fun," he told On The Coast's Jason D'Souza. "I think my [favourite part] would be batting."

Kabir will be playing with his father, Kanwaljit "Kenny" Makkar in next month's tournament.

Makkar knows his son is good, but he's not expected to hold his own against men who have been playing for many years. Makkar just wants his son to get some higher-level experience.

"The more exposure you get, the better player you become. The earlier exposure you get, the better you become," Makkar said.

'It's a religion'

Kabir was born in Canada, the son of Indian immigrants.

While many children of immigrants aspire to play sports like hockey or soccer like their peers, Kabir fell in love with cricket after watching Indian matches on satellite TV with his dad, who has long played the game.

"The first thing a kid learns [in India] is how to play cricket," Makkar said. "It's a religion. People are so passionate like I have never seen … It gives them joy. It gives them hope. It elevates people up from their pain."

The family is taking his love of the game seriously, even travelling to London for a two-day cricket camp earlier this year.

Makkar says he wants Kabir to keep playing the game as long as he's having fun and can't wait to play with his son in April.

"I will be privileged," he said. "I think I'll see my dreams come true from my son's exploits."

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