Youths join the Taber workforce

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The Taber Youth Employment Program will be sending there students out into the Taber workforce soon.

“We have a all female group, that is the first time that has occurred in the six intakes we had,” said Stephen Bore, program coordinator of the Taber Youth Employment Program. “It’s going very well. We have a number of people from a Low German Mennonite background and then we have one person originally from India in our group this round.”

Kirsti Forsyth, career coach for the Taber Youth Employment Program briefly talked about two of the job opportunities that their students will be taking.

“Taber Childcare Centre so they’ve partnered before with us in the past,” said Forsyth. “So they are a really good or- ganization to work with and they really support our program. The other business employer is the Town of Taber IT depart ment and they have also been partners with us in the past. Offering different options to students and different departments but IT department especially. We have someone who is super interested in IT so it will be a perfect experience for her.” Finally, she spoke on how this will be the first full in class program since the COVID-19 pan demic started.

“So this time around we’re hopeful that we will get for the entire seven weeks delivering the program in person,” said Forsyth. “COVID has been a challenge for this program. We’ve had to move online many times so hopefully we can stick it out in class.”

Ian Croft, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times

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